Don’t forget to ask “What’s available, for me and for them?”


“ROLL THE PUMPKIN” – Having fun at a fundraising Garden Party in the countryside, at Grantham, Qld. Funds raised will be added to “The Mighty Quinn’s Team – Relay for Life”, Qld Cancer Council.

I was exhausted writing that last post!! I think it’s because that’s just a summary of the exercise that I do, and to maintain that, it means a lot of training, ALWAYS with my mates. I imagine that some of you may have been exhausted reading it. Sorry about that.

I’m lucky in that I enjoy most exercise. And I love the socialisation and banter between the group of people that I train with.

But exercise doesn’t have to be what I wrote about. I gave a few other examples at the end of the post and most of those, I don’t do at all well.

I don’t know where you live, but I’m lucky here in Brisbane Australia that we have lovely walking pathways; cycling tracks; bushland trails; beaches not too far away; and, local private and community leisure centres and club sports eg pools, bowls, tennis, yoga, Pilates, etc.

But more importantly our local community groups and local councils also offer activities to help keep us healthy.

For example, the Brisbane City Council has a number of programs with activities that are mainly free or some at a low cost, throughout the suburbs. And although these listed here are just a few of their programs, you might be thinking, ” Really! How does that apply to me.”

Remember that Living Well with Dementia is also about our loved ones and the next generations. To show them that activities, movement and exercise are good for our heart health and therefore good for our brain health is probably one of the best legacies that we can impart to them. Particularly in today’s technologically connected world!!! (Okay I won’t even go there with that subject, but I’m sure you know what I mean.)

Firstly, (I love the name of this program) the ‘GOLD Program…. Growing Older and Living Dangerously!’ – for people over the age of 50.

‘Active and Healthy Lifestyle Program’ – for anyone.

‘RAW Program (Real Adventure Women)’ – for women over the age of 16. They do various things like canoeing, rock climbing etc.

‘Chill Out Program’ for 10-17 year olds.

See what I mean about activities that support those who support us. It can be fun especially with friends; be an opportunity to meet new people; help with stress relief; and of course, for general health.

I’ve also been told that each of Alzheimer’s Australia’s state head offices have a library for borrowing and that there is a copy of a gentle exercise DVD that was made here in Qld, in 2014. It’s called “Fight Alzheimer’s Save Australia Exercise Physiology Program”. It was made in conjunction with Aspire Fitness & Rehabilitation and Queensland Sports Medicine Centre. See if your centre has something similar. You may be able to buy a copy of this one or something else that has gentle exercise.

So it’s not just about what can we do now that we have the diagnosis of Dementia.

Let’s share the message that firstly, don’t wait until you have Dementia before you start making healthy lifestyle choices. Start now to try to reduce the risk factors to maintain your heart and therefore your brain health. That must also help with so many other types of medical conditions that we hear about in the media.

I recently heard in a health report on the news on TV, that it takes as little as 35 minutes of brisk walking daily to reduce the likelihood of developing Dementia.

So start off small, and increase daily. Try something different. Always ensure that you or your loved one is doing the activity safely. Whatever you do, ENJOY it 🙂


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