How did I forget? Now, how will I remember?

Thank you Rhonda, for firstly taking the time to read some of my blog, and secondly for reminding me that I’ve been meaning to google Norman Doidge’s conversation with Paul Barclay, for ABC’s Radio National’s ‘Big Ideas’ program.

In my post dated 20th May 2015, The concept of neuroplasticity gives me HOPE!, I referred to some of the amazing stories about people and the activities and therapies that they’d undertaken which had some great results.

Rhonda has wondered about a link to the interview (which at the time I intended to find, then promptly forgot about).

I had tried to find reference to it a day or two later but I’ve been so busy with other things that it went right from my mind.

So tonight I’ve tried again and discovered that it still hasn’t been aired. But it will go to air on the Monday 3rd August and will be repeated at set times.

I now must remember to tune in at 8.05pm, next Monday!!!



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