Some stats.

For those who may be interested, here are some screenshots of weekly statistics of where in the world our readers are:

24th August 2015

Week of 24th August 2015. This is the week prior to us leaving Australia (28th August) for John’s Charity Camino Challenge


Week of 31st August 2015.


Week of 7th September 2015

Week of 21st September 2015

Week of 14th September 2015

Week of 21st September 2015

So far, in the week of 21st September 2015

John’s effort to raise awareness about Younger Onset Dementia (YOD) has been fantastic. We may not raise a great deal of money, but each day, he talks with more and more people about something that he’s passionate about. Awareness is big in Spain at the moment.

Often, John also has the opportunity to discuss many of the general issues for the person with Dementia (PWD) and in particular for those with YOD, and for their families who are still often young, and with young children or teenagers.

These screenshots only reflect the people who have read John’s blog and where they live.

But each day there are many others here on the Camino in Spain (and when we were in Paris also) who show an interest and sometimes also share stories about friends with YOD.

In total, there have been 230 visitors to since the 24th August. And those visitors viewed 614 posts.

Good on you John.


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