A busy hiatus.

It has been over 4 weeks now since I wrote a post on my blog. All I can offer in my defence for this hiatus is that it has been an extremely busy time for both Glenys and myself.

Before we left to walk and cycle the Camino de Santiago, we made commitments for 4 speaking engagements, on our return.

However, because Glenys had knowledge from other travel experiences about how long I take to recover, when the planning started for just the first presentation, she consulted with me and we decided that I shouldn’t do it until November to ensure I had the best opportunity for recovery. Before long one grew to four! I just kept saying yes and she had to negotiate dates etc. (Sometimes my PA needs a PA, lol)

Also, whist we were overseas we were contacted by Denise Craig (Co-chair, Statewide Dementia Clinician Network) to invite me to be the keynote speaker at their Qld statewide forum to be held on November 6. The theme for this forum was Dementia and Physical activity- Keep moving. Knowing that I was right into exercise, and at the time of the request still walking and cycling 825 kms across the top of Spain, and I’m living with Dementia, she thought I would be the ideal person to present to this network of clinicians, which included: a neuroscientist, physiologists, geriatricians, social workers, neurologists etc.

So this made it five talks to present in three and a half weeks! They were:-

Lowood Friendship Group, October 27; Statewide Dementia Clinician Network Forum , November 6;
Probus Club of Wynnum, November 12;
U3A Brisbane, Nov 16; and,
Probus Club of New Farm, November 17.

Also, during this time Glenys and I sent off a submission for me to talk at ADI (Alzheimer’s Disease International) Budapest Conference to be held in April 2016. The theme of my talk is “Exercise helps me to remember my ‘NAMES'”. I thought that I’d done a blog post about my NAMES, and I probably have but can’t find it now. So it looks like that’s going to be a post soon. It’s an acronym I use to talk about the life-style considerations to take into account when ‘living with dementia.’ Getting back to the submission, I’ll find out in January if I was successful.

I have also completed an E.O.I. to be a member of the Queensland Health Consumer Collaborative. This is the first time that I have applied to become a consumer advocate about health rather than only Dementia. It’s policy-making. I’ll know soon if I was successful. These are all experiences that I can learn from even if I’m unsuccessful. Applying takes me out of my comfort-zone a bit.

I am gradually getting back to a regular exercise routine however, it’s different to what I was doing. We are also exploring the possibility of me adding Pilates to my exercise program.