Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Here in Australia the commercialism of Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier. By the end of August decorations are for sale in the stores. Christmas songs are being played in shopping centres mid-November. Christmas trees that used to be decorated only approximately two weeks before Christmas when I was a child, then for some reason it became December 1st, this year were being decorated by about November 20th sometimes with an apology for it being up late.

One night early December, the news was reporting on the danger of spontaneous fires happening in the lithium batteries of Hoverboards, when they reported that these were not only the latest craze here in Australia, but also because of that fact, were commonly being purchased as Christmas presents. The cost range was between $800 and $2000. So it was reported that you had to ensure that you bought the better quality to reduce fire risks as they met the Australian Standards!! $800-$2000!! For one gift, for one person!!

Now, I know that I couldn’t really get into the Christmas spirit last year. I finally realised (about Boxing Day) that it was because I was still recovering from my travels; the intensity of the Camino pace; and, the loss of friendships. In fact it took me about 10 weeks after arriving home from overseas, before I felt that I was at last able to function cognitively again, as well as I had been, prior to the trip.

However, I also started to realise how that people put such false emphasis on what this joyous season is about. Some people approach it purely as a time of religious significance. Some add the happiness of family time to its importance. Some will have their own personal thoughts about it.

Regardless of one’s personal reasons how did it move so far from them, to the need to spend money that few of us really have? What are the current benchmarks for whether we have had a good Christmas or not?

I think, well I know, that my recent experiences have reminded me of what I value. Also, I think, well I know, that my Dementia ‘allows me’ to simplify my thinking because it takes too much effort some days. And I think, well I know, that whatever results in happy, stress free moments means better days and for me, that means functioning better.

I wasn’t able to write this post, or in fact any posts before Christmas simply because I wasn’t doing so good. I felt though that I just needed to express that because of these above comments, I know that my focus for “and A Happy New Year” means so much more than just a dismissive-type comment in passing. I think that anyone who is diagnosed with a life-changing medical condition has a similar approach.

So for 2016, my wish for you is everything that you NEED. My hope for you is to be surrounded by kind and supportive people……and in keeping up with technology, that may only be online friends, who understand and are supportive. Let each moment of each day be our focus and enjoyed.

I truly hope that you had a Merry Christmas and that 2016 is that last paragraph for you.