A different week: a different story.

Gosh it’s been a busy week. However, this has just reinforced how great it is to acknowledge the benefits that come with a diagnosis of Dementia.

For weeks now, even whilst I was still in Europe, I was getting so tired so easily.  It was hard to feel much at all. But that’s my Depression ‘talking’ more than my Dementia. Then I had the additional issues and doubts about my dementia that I recently posted about.

Also, during the fortnight prior to Australia’s federal election I was heavily involved in a media campaign with Alzheimer’s Australia to discuss Younger  Onset Dementia; what I’m trying to do to live as well as I can with my diagnosis; and, the hope that the major political parties would release policies for a National Dementia Strategy before the election (and hopefully a long-term bipartisan one). I had 9 interviews in 8 days.

Then Glenys and I were invited to be on a Reference Committee with Queensland University of Technology researchers and the Brisbane Airport Corporation, who are working together to provide Dementia inclusive and supportive airports (both the domestic and international). They wanted feedback from both the lived experience of someone with Dementia and also, Glenys’ perspective from a CarePartners experiences.

And then I was privileged to be able to host Agnes Houston MBE and her daughter Donna, from Scotland.

Glenys and I, as well as Eileen and Dubhg Taylor are lucky to have Agnes and Donna stay with us, whilst we show off this part of the world. Winter is a great time for a Scot to visit Brisbane.

I feel reinvigorated!!


4 thoughts on “A different week: a different story.

    • Thanks Cathy. It’s good to hear from you again. One of my regrets about it taking so long for me to be diagnosed (two long years) after being forced to leave work was that I didn’t know what to tell people what was happening, because I didn’t know. In that respect, I sought of walked away from a career that I loved without being able to say goodbye to everyone or have any closure to that important part of my life.


  1. Hi John
    So glad to hear you are managing your diagnosis so positively , and educating people of how life can still be full with the illness.
    Such a coincidence seeing your interview on face book as I was going through my photos the other day and found ones of the trivia night at BSSS .
    Take care and keep on loving life.

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    • Hi Carole-anne, thank you for those encouraging and sincere words. Yes, I am trying to live as well as I can with my diagnosis. But I can’t do this alone. Without the support of others, particularly Glenys, things could be significantly different. I hope you enjoyed reading some of my posts. I hope you are keeping well. I hope we catch up somewhere sometime again.


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