September is the month of Awareness.

Where does my time go?

I know that many of us take every opportunity to raise awareness about the many aspects of dementia whenever we can, but I particularly wanted to write more this month.

I had great plans to at least try to write a post each week throughout September which:

… in ‘my own backyard’ we launched the Wynnum Dementia Friendly Community with  the support of fsgAustralia. This will benefit the 7-8 smaller suburbs of the Wynnum/Manly area, in this unique pocket of suburbs on the beautiful southern bayside of Brisbane. The whole community will benefit.

…at the local level, Queen Elizabeth II Hospital has ‘Dementia and Delirium Awareness’ Month;

…at the national level, Alzheimers Australia’s theme is ‘You are not Alone’; and,

…at an international level, Alzheimers’ Disease International’s theme is ‘Remember Me’.

Meanwhile, there are ongoing talks by various members from Dementia Alliance International (DAI) with the World Health Organisation about the recognition of Human Rights for people living with Dementia.

This simply highlights that Dementia is everyone’s business.

Well, I’ve been busy with so many different commitments throughout September that now, at the last moment, I have the opportunity to post here.

I suppose for me it’s not just about time, it’s also about the difficulty that I have to organise things, but that really doesn’t matter. We all do the best that we can.

Enjoy some photos of the Bay. We only have to walk a very short distance to enjoy it. This is the view from our Dementia Friendly Community.


The Wynnum Jetty. The piles from the original Jetty are now engraved artwork.


The local Quandamooka People.


There are about 8 different indigenous tiled, picture stories.A different one tells that ‘when the wattle is in flower, the tailor are running.’


Indigenous art that tells the stories of the bay.


Looking towards Manly, a leisurely 20 minute walk away.


Looking north from the Jetty.


Affectionately known as ‘the whales playground.’


Looking out through the Pandanus trees.


A small part of one of the children’s playgrounds.



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