It’s again been some time since I posted on my blog. It hasn’t been a conscious decision, but I really don’t know where time has gone. It’s a positive sign though because I’ve been very busy on a number of projects and activities.

The most recent one was a holiday to where, I understand, my ancestors came from, Ireland. I don’t know any of the history and neither do my immediate family because we had little contact with our father, from when we were all quite young. Still, I’d always wanted to go, and with a promise to my younger brother Gary, and the support of my partner Glenys, I’m just about to leave this beautiful country that I have a sense of home with.

I often saw the name ‘Quinn’. There was signage on coaches, pharmacies, lawyers, pubs, shops. Also, I took every opportunity to start up a conversation with anyone who’d listen and the usual reply was that there were many Quinn’s from the County where the listener had grown up. So I guess someone is related to someone else here!

We had a 12 day tour of many backroads areas and rugged but beautiful countryside as well as the lushness of the patchwork green fields. Like many countries the history is fascinating, and I wish I could remember all of the events and dates. (Thank goodness for the internet these days)

Above all I think this part of our holiday reminded me about connections. Sometimes those connections are with people in your family, with close friends, with places, and with memories of the past and hope for the future.



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